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Some of our favorite images from recent portrait sessions featured here.

Introducing the Dévoiler Sessions | Valentine's Day 2016 Portraits

Each year, we present several limited Special Sessions for our clients. These are theme based sessions which are customized per subject. We are now booking our 2016 Valentine's Day Classified Sessions, which will happen in January, in time for a beautiful portrait folio to be ready in time for February 14th. 

The Series is titled the Dévoiler Sessions (in English, To Reveal), and will feature beautiful fine portraiture celebrating the female form in the vein of Fine Art. This type of imagery hearkens back to traditional figure drawing and painting through the ages. The focus is around the beauty and softness of the female form, and has a very classic Fine Art feel.

We have never felt that the industry term of "boudoir" photography is a fit for the kinds of portraits we make. Rather than focusing on a literal "come hither" type of portraiture, featuring lingerie and high heels, we prefer the INDICATION of nakedness, the allure of leaving some things to the imagination and the beauty and softness of a woman's body. We do not pose our subjects in typically provocative poses, instead preferring the more natural and "sweet" poses one might find themselves in if spending time alone, lounging. We also like to pose our subjects artistically, taking advantage of unique physical characteristics and highlighting their uniqueness.

If you would like to have this incredible and empowering experience, please fill out the form in this post and email to studio@greylinecreative.com. We will respond with confirmations in a first come, first come order and begin the planning for your Special Session.

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DeVoiler Sessions
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