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Some of our favorite images from recent portrait sessions featured here.

Senior Portraits of a Dancer |Northwest Arkansas Creative Senior Portraits|

One of the reasons that I love senior portrait photography is that I have clients who truly want to record who their children have become as they are growing into adulthood. There are loads of great senior portraits taken every day, but very often, we see the same KINDS of portraits that are traditional and could be any kid, in any city, and you can't tell a single thing about that individual's style, personality or interests. Each type of portrait session a client hires me for has a specific purpose or meaning to them. Family portraits are usually about ensuring that we take a hot second to preserve what our children and pets (and ourselves) look like today in the hustle and bustle which becomes lives with kids. Head shot sessions are to fulfill a need for social media and business typically. Senior portraits are different still. The reality is that most anyone who has had a senior portrait session in their lifetime will only go back to reflect on them a handful of times throughout their lives (until we get kind of old, and then we sometimes love to reflect on those times and how incredibly we have grown as human beings). Senior portrait sessions are often for the parents and grandparents who are saying goodbye to their babies. Preserving their entry into adulthood and being sure we will remember them exactly how they are today. Still OURS, but also now their own people, quickly growing into who they are going to soon be. For me, this portrait session should capitalize on what makes that kid truly unique, what they love and sometimes how they arrived there. Portrait sessions like these are intimate affairs. I need to understand and know the subject and who they are, and also who their parents are and most importantly, how they SEE their child. I meet with every senior client and their parents when possible so that I can get a read on the individual, the relationship they have with one another and so that I can start to open up these kids, who are often a bit uncomfortable with the whole thing. It's a daunting thought, after all, to be "on stage" with a stranger directing you for a couple of hours. With that being said, however, sometimes seniors are performers, either by practice or by nature. This session was for a dancer who hopes to make a career of her craft and is very accomplished and focused on this specific goal. She and her mom are a great team who know one another intimately and don't even really have to talk to communicate (you know it's true, Marti and Caroline, you are like little psychic ninjas with each other). No boring senior portraits for this girl. Her ability, grace and ability to perform are a portrait artist's dream. I knew I wanted to create a special fine art piece once I saw Caroline move, so we shot a few extras for me to go back and build a story from. She studied dance in Chicago over the summer, so compositing a surreal scene into a shot of Chicago I had taken recently while traveling instantly came to mind for this piece. She dances on air, so why not over a city she loves and which holds special meaning for her? This was such a fun session from start to finish and I made a couple of new friends throughout the process. Very grateful to have had the opportunity to really show her sweet disposition, insane physical abilities, creative mind and intense focus through her portraits. An extra special thanks to the guys at The Independent Denim and Essentials for letting us play in your beautiful store. 

Northwest Arkansas Senior Portraits with Personality | Jax BHS 2015

When I meet another creative, whether it's a child, a teenager or an adult, it feels different for me. These folks are kindred. I relate to creative teenagers especially, because naturally, I was that kid. I think it's safe to say that artistic and expressive kids can sometimes feel different from everyone else. That can feel uncomfortable for some at different stages of life. It did in my case, anyhow. It can also be exhilarating and liberating (and we tend to embrace that more as we mature). I spent a couple of hours with Jax, who graduated from high school this year and is going on to California to pursue acting at a conservatory there. She is a very cool young woman, with an old soul, who got me right in my artist's heart, I must say. I don't know if she feels different, like I did, but she certainly felt kindred to me. And she IS different. Different good. She's funny, quick witted, clever and creative and she impressed the heck out of me with her confidence and security. She seems to be quite comfortable with her creativity and who she is, so she is off to a stellar start. Many of these portraits were things we did on the fly- I love how unique and fitting they are for her. Best of luck to you, Jax. I hope to see you again someday. <3

Jax, Senior Bentonville High School 2015

Bow, Senior Portrait in a Laundromat, on a mountain and a rooftop

Every now and then, a senior I photograph is very sure of a lot of things.  Sure of where they wish to go in life, who they want to be, how they are going to get there.. It's especially impressive to me, since I changed majors three times and careers about five times in ten years.  Bow certainly has a firm grasp on what her goals are and how she plans to achieve them, and after working with this cool kid over the course of several months, I am absolutely believe that she will do just that. We shot the first round of images at the beautiful Petit Jean Mountain (how awe inspiring in that back story and the view itself?! my goodness). Later in the year, in the midst of snow and ice, we shot in Fayetteville, in a laundromat, and on the rooftop of The Dickson, with some amazing views of our lovely blustery city. We had quite a lot of fun, and I must say, I wish I had known enough about what I wanted as a senior to get portraits made like these.