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Some of our favorite images from recent portrait sessions featured here.

Late Summer Family Portraits on the Creek | Northwest Arkansas Family Portraits

Let's face it. We, as mothers, take a lot of phone pictures of our kids' cute little moments, their messy faces, their inventive forts in their rooms, their special moments at school and at play.. Heck, we even take quite a few of our husbands and wives, WITH our kids and having fun and experiencing life. It's just US who tend to not make it into the photos. Children grow so fast, and we miss the opportunities as mothers to be IN photographs with our children, so I tend to lean a bit heavy on the Mom photos in the portraits I shoot of families. After all, our children are going to want to see us when they grow up, sharing moments and living a beautiful life alongside them, not just remembering us hiding on the back side of the camera (in our yoga pants). Think of how few photographs you have of your own mother and the times you shared with her. If you're like me, they are few and far between, and I would give so much to have more of those memories as photographs today to reflect on and share with my own children. There are times that I've wondered if I would EVER be in a picture with both of my children when it doesn't involve me trying to long-arm it from a selfie perspective. We have to make the time for it, and that's what portrait photography is about. We take the time to take a load of photographs of every relationship and dynamic, so that our clients can see what their children and significant others see, which is the beautiful relationships we all have with the people in our families.

This is one of my favorite families, and what is so great about them is that they have real FUN together. They don't allow the stress of posing or having their portrait made cause them to get too wound up. They splashed, chased crawfish, threw crawfish at each other, ran, jumped, laughed and got wet. That IS real life after all, and those are the moments that make the most beautiful memories.