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Some of our favorite images from recent portrait sessions featured here.

Northwest Arkansas Senior Portraits with Personality | Jax BHS 2015

When I meet another creative, whether it's a child, a teenager or an adult, it feels different for me. These folks are kindred. I relate to creative teenagers especially, because naturally, I was that kid. I think it's safe to say that artistic and expressive kids can sometimes feel different from everyone else. That can feel uncomfortable for some at different stages of life. It did in my case, anyhow. It can also be exhilarating and liberating (and we tend to embrace that more as we mature). I spent a couple of hours with Jax, who graduated from high school this year and is going on to California to pursue acting at a conservatory there. She is a very cool young woman, with an old soul, who got me right in my artist's heart, I must say. I don't know if she feels different, like I did, but she certainly felt kindred to me. And she IS different. Different good. She's funny, quick witted, clever and creative and she impressed the heck out of me with her confidence and security. She seems to be quite comfortable with her creativity and who she is, so she is off to a stellar start. Many of these portraits were things we did on the fly- I love how unique and fitting they are for her. Best of luck to you, Jax. I hope to see you again someday. <3

Jax, Senior Bentonville High School 2015