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Some of our favorite images from recent portrait sessions featured here.

Windows: A Special Session Series- Mother/Son Portraits

Our Special Sessions, as we call them, are Fine Art mini-sessions that we created which build scenes around a specific theme, setting, storyline or idea.  I have shot mothers and daughters, women laying in giant romantic beds of flowers, girls and women in fields of flowers and more. I'm working on the Into the Gloaming Series for the Summer of 2015 to tell the stories of summer twilight and all of the beautiful and ethereal things we recall from our own childhoods.  This series was created for Mothers and Sons, because that relationship is a very special one which I have a personal fondness for with my own sweet and sensitive 7 year old boy. For a time, and hopefully forever, our boys are our biggest fans, our little "boyfriends", our protectors and defenders and our best friends.  (Isn't that an ironic statement, considering those are the things we are supposed to be for them as well?)  I titled this series Windows, for obvious reasons, and these were all shot in the studio, with a set we created.  I wanted to give the feeling of Mothers and their sons being in an old and cozy house, perhaps in the attic, having quiet, old fashioned snuggle and play time with their sons.  I am also fascinated with heredity and seeing resemblances in families, so I wanted to make images of mothers and their sons eyes, up very close, because I think it's a beautiful study in nature's gifts.  Not all of my clients are biological parents to their "sons", but as we all know, that makes no difference in the depth and breadth of their love for these boys. I also photographed grown boys with their Mamas, and it just goes to show you that the bond often is still just as strong after they become men.  I loved these sessions, and they brought some sentimental tears, a few rowdy explosions (they ARE boys, after all) and above all, a bunch of laughter. 

Mother Son Portrait
Eyes up Close
Mother and Sons Portrait