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Some of our favorite images from recent portrait sessions featured here.

Bow, Senior Portrait in a Laundromat, on a mountain and a rooftop

Every now and then, a senior I photograph is very sure of a lot of things.  Sure of where they wish to go in life, who they want to be, how they are going to get there.. It's especially impressive to me, since I changed majors three times and careers about five times in ten years.  Bow certainly has a firm grasp on what her goals are and how she plans to achieve them, and after working with this cool kid over the course of several months, I am absolutely believe that she will do just that. We shot the first round of images at the beautiful Petit Jean Mountain (how awe inspiring in that back story and the view itself?! my goodness). Later in the year, in the midst of snow and ice, we shot in Fayetteville, in a laundromat, and on the rooftop of The Dickson, with some amazing views of our lovely blustery city. We had quite a lot of fun, and I must say, I wish I had known enough about what I wanted as a senior to get portraits made like these.