About this Artist

Casey Yocum Mayer is a native Arkansan and portrait artist located in Fayetteville, an artistically rich and vibrant city in the Ozark Mountains.  A lifetime of creative work, both personally and professionally, led her to the world of digital art and photography. As is the case with many artists, the path was not typical. An education in Interior Design, and twelve years in creative work, ranging from Architecture to Graphic Design resulted in her love of storytelling through visual mediums.

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The Studio

Greyline Creative's studio is located in downtown Fayetteville, on the beautiful and historic square. Creating scenes from other worlds, with dreamlike compositions, I often "rig" sets, costumes and props in the studio to build pieces for storytelling images. One never knows when a shower curtain, cardboard box or even a rubber octopus will turn up as a main element in one of my portraits. Collaborating with other artists and clients in the studio is the most enjoyable part of the process and seeing things a bit differently can yield very cool results.

On Location

I take commissions all over the world, and will travel to shoot at specific locations if required.  I also have annual week long session dates in Northern California and the D.C. area.  Watch the blog and facebook for details for upcoming dates. 

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